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I refer clients to Skyland Trail because they will receive exceptional, coordinated mental health services that is unparalleled (and often unavailable) elsewhere in the country.

– Dr. Matthew W. Norman, Psychiatric Associates of Atlanta

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Referring Professionals

How do I make a referral to Skyland Trail?

Thank you for considering Skyland Trail. Our admissions team is pleased to work with you to connect your patient to services at Skyland Trail. To make a referral to Skyland Trail, please contact our admissions team at 888-618-6997 or via email.

What level of care does Skyland Trail offer?

Skyland Trail offers a holistic treatment program with graduated levels of care. We serve adults with bipolar illness, major depression, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, dual diagnosis and complex co-occurring conditions. We offer residential, partial hospitilization, and intensive outpatient treatment programs as well as some outpatient support services for:

  • individuals leaving an acute care facility who are not ready for community reintegration
  • individuals who are not making progress through traditional weekly outpatient therapy

How do I follow someone’s progress at Skyland Trail?

With the client's permission, we will contact you and request your input as we develop a client's recovery goals and treatment plan. Our holistic approach to treatment includes the involvement of supportive family members, referring psychiatrists or therapists and other key supporters over the course of each client's recovery.

What happens at discharge?

A key milestone in recovery and community reintegration is the patient's return to the care of the referring psychiatrist or other professional. With the client's permission, Skyland Trail will communicate to you the discharge plan and date.

How do I schedule a tour or request a presentation?

We invite you to give us a call, schedule a tour of our campus, or request that a Skyland Trail representative come to speak with you and your staff about our treatment programs. Please contact Julie Dudkowski at 678.686.5926 or jdudkowski@skylandtrail.org.

How do I talk to my patients about Skyland Trail?

We appreciate you introducing Skyland Trail to your patients. This website is a good source of information. You can also visit our Referral Resources page to download and print handouts that might be helpful as you discuss Skyland Trail with your patients and families.





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