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Residential Services

By providing tiered residential services, Skyland Trail supports our clients as they gradually return to independent living. We offer three levels of residential psychiatric treatment services along with several day treatment options for clients living in the community. All of our residential communities are licensed by the State of Georgia and are unlocked voluntary facilities. A licensed nurse is onsite 24/7 at the North and South campuses.

Skyland Trail South

Skyland Trail South residential campus offers our most intensive level of support. Most clients admitting to our residential treatment program will begin at the South campus. It is the best place to start for patients leaving a locked, inpatient facility or hospital. Learn more >

Photo Tour: Skyland Trail South

Skyland Trail South Residential Campus

Take a photo tour of our residential facilities and gardens at Skyland Trail South.
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Skyland Trail North

Skyland Trail North provides a step down in level of care from Skyland Trail South. Skyland Trail North residential campus continues to support clients in their recovery, but offers more opportunities to practice independent living skills. Learn more >

Some clients who leave North transfer to one of our transitional living options while they complete their treatment. Others continue in our Day Treatment or Intensive Outpatient Program while living in the community with their families, independently, or in a group home.

Photo Tour: Skyland Trail North

Skyland Trail North Residential Campus

Take a photo tour of our facilities and gardens at Skyland Trail North.
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Structured Daily Schedules

Our residential clients living at South and North come to the Health and Education Center on our main campus from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. each weekday for psychiatric services and therapy sessions. While multiple groups are offered each hour, counselors work with each client to develop an individualized schedule based on the client's diagnoses, as well as identified opportunities for growth and skill building.

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Reset to Healthy Living

On evenings and weekends, our residential staff help clients work on re-establishing healthy sleep and meal schedules, self care and hygiene, medication adherence, and healthy social and recreational activities. Our skilled and caring residential staff  ensure that our clients are safe, supported, and are taking their medications as prescribed. 

Residential clients also participate in our LEAP program which offers evening activities on Tuesdays and Thursdays along with activities in the community on weekends, including trips to Atlanta museums, sporting events, restaurants, and community events.

Residential activities are all focused on helping clients prepare for independence and life outside of treatment.

Individualized Care

Each client has a one-on-one session with a psychiatrist and an individual session with his or her primary counselor at least once each week. Our psychiatrists work with clients to develop an effective medication regime that helps them feel better mentally and physically. 

Primary counselors combine compassion with proven psychotherapy techniques to help clients talk about their thoughts and feelings. Our counselors help clients examine long-held, unhealthy beliefs and construct new skills for coping with daily stress. With the client's permission, primary counselors also keep families informed of client progress.

Clients attend a core group session daily with a consistent group of 10-15 peer clients.  Clients also participate in classroom-style educational sessions to learn more about their illness and how they can apply coping strategies and skills that are proven to be effective.

Watch Video: Continuum of Care

Vice President of Clinical Services, Chris Cline, explains how clients are supported throughout Skyland Trail's Continuum of Care.
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Integrated, Holistic Approach

Complementary adjunctive therapy sessions – art, music, horticulture, and recreation – encourage client engagement in therapy and give clients opportunities to practice the skills they are learning in their individual and core group sessions. Weekly schedules also include groups focused on workforce and school readiness, nutrition counseling, sober living, mindfulness, healthy relationships, exercise and sports, and positive use of free time.

Our integrated, holistic model is what makes Skyland Trail unique, successful and nationally recognized. All the components of our psychiatric, therapeutic and residential programs work together to help our clients reclaim their lives. By helping them define who they are and who they want to be in addition to practical skills for managing their mental illness, we give our clients the best chance at long term and sustained recovery.

Art, Music & Nature Therapy

Watch these video interviews with Skyland Trail art, music, and nature therapy experts to learn more about how these unique programs help clients achieve recovery.
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