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Music for a Great Cause

August 07, 2013

Music for a Great Cause

On Friday, August 16, 2013, Skyland Trail is hosting the 2013 Southern Shindig at SweetWater Brewing Company in Atlanta. Attendees will enjoy a fun-filled evening with food and entertainment by Nashville-based songwriter Tim McNary. Below, McNary describes his passion for music and his personal commitment to supporting mental health organizations.

When did you find your passion for music?

I started singing at around 4 years old and made up tunes in my head until right after college when I was living in Brazil and decided to learn guitar and get serious about writing songs. From that time, it was like I didn't have the option to do anything else. I tried, but found myself coming back to music. So, here I am.

What musicians inspire you?

Some of my favorite artists are Bon Iver, Band of Horses, Tyler Lyle, Paul Warner, Caetano Veloso, The Gypsy Kings, Alejandro Sanz, Keith Whitley, and Iron and Wine.

What is your favorite part of performing?

The universal connection that is possible through music. It's all about feeling. Many times the lyrics and how technically well the song is played is a far second to the emotion you perform with and the connection that brings to your audience interaction.

You have performed all across the country. What makes your performance for Skyland Trail’s Southern Shindig so special?

As someone who has dealt with depression myself, and had several important people in my life who have struggled with depression and other mental illnesses, I know the importance of an organization like Skyland Trail. After reading up on the organization, I was also impressed with the holistic way they go about things and their efforts to help patients afford the services that they provide. It's an honor to perform at an event that I know will benefit an organization that helps those who suffer from mental illness return to a productive, peaceful place in their lives.

Southern Shindig is geared toward and organized by young professionals in Atlanta. A group of dedicated volunteers successfully established this event as a way to introduce the important work of Skyland Trail to a new generation of volunteers and supporters.  
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