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Remembering Lives Lost to Suicide

September 12, 2014

The prayer below was written and delivered by pastoral counselor, Ayo Yetunde at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) Candlelight Vigil during National Suicide Prevention Week.

We Witness Our Sorrows 
We Vigil for Life

Dear Great Mysteries –

We are here before you as humble and hopeful human beings
Humble because we cannot escape pain
Hopeful because we still love life

We are here before each other as strangers and friends
Strangers because we cannot know each other’s pain
Friends because our survival depends on our friendliness

We are here at night time and day light
Night time to represent our sorrow
Day light elsewhere in the world, to represent our joy

We are here with loss and with gain
Loss of loved ones we wish we could have saved
Gain because through the experience of loss, we gain wisdom –
we know we are not Saviors

This wisdom returns us to humility
May our humility keep us in right relationship with the Great Mysteries

This right relationship keeps us connected to one another
May our connections heal our isolation
This isolation inspires us to be friends

May our friendships remind us of our interdependency
This interdependency is rife with sorrow and joy

May we be at peace with life’s vicissitudes throughout this journey of living

And may our candlelight vigil illuminate our hearts, our memories, and our hopes for abundant life.

May it be so.