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25 Reasons to Give in Celebration of Our 25th Year

December 02, 2014

Never has the need been so great nor the impact so positive. Here are 25 reasons to make a gift now:

  1. Your gift can help save a life. More than 90% of people who die by suicide have a mental illness or substance abuse disorder. 
  2. Financial aid scholarships help our clients fully engage in treatment – often making residential care possible or extending the length of treatment. 
  3. 1 in 4 Americans has a mental illness. We all know someone who is living with mental illness. It affects all of us. 
  4. Clients who receive scholarships through our engagement incentive program are 78% more likely to positively complete treatment.
  5. Our unique vocational services program helps clients find paid employment, community volunteer work or return to school. 
  6. Early intervention can interrupt the negative course of some mental illnesses and lessen long-term disability. 
  7. Skyland Trail saw more admissions in 2013 than ever before. 
  8. Music, horticulture, art and recreation therapies open doors to communication. These programs are supported by charitable giving. 
  9. More than 15 million Americans experience depression each year. 
  10. Our interfaith pastoral counseling program helps clients adapt to uncertainty, find order in chaos, and look forward to a meaningful life. 
  11. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for college age adults. 
  12. More than 50% of our clients are college age adults ages 18 to 26. 
  13. 1,200 people attended a Skyland Trail mental health education event in 2013. 
  14. 1 in 17 Americans has a serious mental illness. 
  15. 68% of clients in 2013 experienced an improvement in attitude in their feelings of hopelessness. 
  16. Studies suggest that music therapy reduces social isolation and improves interpersonal contact. 
  17. 70% of clients in 2013 experienced an improvement in impulsive or addictive behaviors. 
  18. The national healthcare accreditation organization, The Joint Commission, has awarded us 7 consecutive Gold Seals of Approval. 
  19. When surveyed 12 months after discharge, 93% of our clients with depression have had no further hospitalizations. 
  20. Adults with serious mental illness are at risk of dying 25 year earlier than peers, largely due to treatable medical conditions. 
  21. 50% of people with mental illness also have a substance abuse problem. Our dual diagnosis program helps clients successfully address both. 
  22. When surveyed 12 months after discharge, 86% of our clients with bipolar illness have had no further inpatient treatment. 
  23. Studies suggest that art therapy strengthens positive feelings, alleviates distress, and helps individuals clarify existential questions. 
  24. Evidence indicates supported employment programs are effective in improving vocational outcomes. 
  25. Recovery is possible. You can help.