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New Service: Comprehensive Psychiatric Diagnostic & Assessment Service

February 05, 2015

Previously only available to our residential and day treatment clients, comprehensive psychiatric assessments are now offered as a stand-alone outpatient service.

Whether receiving an initial diagnosis or clarifying a previous one, assessment clients get a comprehensive, consumer friendly report – a roadmap for effective treatment at Skyland Trail or through another mental health service provider. 

Assessments are individualized based on each client’s needs and goals.

All assessments include:
• a detailed psychosocial assessment that includes consideration of the family system and previous treatment experiences
• a complete medical history, physical exam, and comprehensive laboratory testing in our primary care clinic
• a psychological assessment including cognitive function and other normed tests along with biofeedback
• a psychiatric evaluation with our chief medical officer

Based on initial results, clients may be referred for additional testing, for example, head imaging, a sleep study, electro-encephalogram (EEG) or individualized laboratory and medical testing. Participants agree that having all the complex information collected and synthesized by the same expert team is very useful.

“A correct and detailed diagnosis improves treatment success," says Dr.Ray Kotwicki, chief medical officer. "This kind of assessment can really benefit individuals who are struggling with a mental health problem, but who are uncertain about the kind of treatment they need to get better. A comprehensive assessment can help identify the best next steps toward recovery.”