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Associates President, Nan Easterlin shares about upcoming event

February 19, 2015

Nan Easterlin is President of the Skyland Trail Associates, an auxiliary group of women who support Skyland Trail through fundraising efforts and special events. Kim talks about her involvement with Skyland Trail and the upcoming Associates Luncheon and Fashion Show

What makes the Associates Luncheon a unique fundraising event?

It is unique in that it is an intimate group of women who truly care about Skyland Trail, want to support its fundraising efforts and become more educated about mental illness either through personal stories or through an expert who provides us with current information.  Everyone who attends is deeply moved and encouraged to support those in our community who are diagnosed with a mental illness.

Why would you encourage someone to attend or sponsor the Associates Luncheon?
I would encourage my friends to attend in order to deepen their understanding of the various forms of mental illness and to learn about all the wonderful programs Skyland Trail offers to those in our families and community who suffer.  Skyland Trail provides hope and resources to people we care about so that they can lead productive and happy lives.

What makes the 2015 Associates Luncheon new and different this year?
I believe it is different this year because we have a world-leading mental health expert, Julie Fast, as our speaker.  She is a bestselling author, speaker, columnist and consultant on a variety of topics such as bipolar disorder and depression.  She is well known and respected so it is an incredible opportunity to hear her speak in person.  I am a fan of the show Homeland and find it interesting to know that Claire Danes consulted Julie about her character on the show.