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Meet the Carusos: A Skyland Trail Grateful Family

May 18, 2015

Meet the Carusos: A Skyland Trail Grateful Family

Meet the Carusos: Barbara and Gary Caruso live in Johns Creek, GA. Their son graduated from Skyland Trail in 2013. He now works in Atlanta and attends our monthly Alumni Social Nights. Barbara and Gary are learning to serve as mental health advocates in the community and are regular participants at Family STEP. 

Why We Stay Connected: "When we attended our first Family STEP program, we were welcomed into a wonderful community of caring individuals who shared their stories with us and gave us such hope for the future. Today, we continue to attend each week because we value the support, as well as the educational topics, which help us feel informed about important and timely topics related to mental health." 

Why We Give: "We give to Skyland Trail because we want to support the programs and people who made such a difference in our son’s life, as well as our own. The community at Skyland Trail – from the clinical staff to the clients and their families – is tied together by a shared belief that everyone can get better, and we want to help others on their path to recovery."

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