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Staff Survey Responses

June 03, 2015

We recently conducted a survey with Skyland Trail staff to see how they would describe the organization and our programs. Here are a few of their responses.

A place where individuals with mental illness can go for comprehensive treatment to facilitate reintegration back into a full spectrum of life

Dedicated, determined, dependable, and bringing hope to the hopeless

A nurturing community of compassionate caregivers focused on empowering clients to gain the skills they need to achieve recovery

A place to develop mental health muscles

A premier behavioral health treatment center, focusing on evidence- based best practices through research and outcomes

One of the best mental health treatment facilities in the U.S.

And here’s what our staff had to say about the number one thing that clients achieve by completing treatment at Skyland Trail.

Finding their passions again

Managing life stressors and being better citizens

An understanding of their illness and many avenues to take in order to heal/manage/cope with everyday life

A renewed sense of purpose in life

They graduate with a new-found self-confidence and sense of hope for the future

A sense that someone really does care

Learning how to apply their insight/education to their lives through practice and repetition

An understanding that therapy is more than medication

Greater self-awareness and sense of self

A reduction of symptoms, independence, and a hope that they have the power to have a life worth living

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