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Your Support Builds a Bridge to Independent Living

February 29, 2016

Staff leadership and the Board of Directors recently instituted an important change to our Mark C. West Financial Aid Program that is yielding exciting results. As of June 2015, our Financial Aid Committee designated a portion of the $1 million dedicated to financial aid awards each year to a new program called the Bridge Fund.

For clients using insurance to cover the costs of treatment, the Bridge Fund helps them transition smoothly as they discharge
and leave treatment for independent living, or as they move to a decreased level of care. When insurance coverage stops abruptly
before a client is ready for those transitions, the Bridge Fund provides an alternate, temporary source of funding to cover the
costs of up to seven additional treatment days.

Those additional days make a big difference.
  • In some cases, this allows time for the client’s family to complete the insurance company’s appeal process to authorize additional treatment.
  • For many, it ensures they have appointments set up with a therapist and psychiatrist in their community at home, which can involve waiting lists – especially in areas with limited access to care.
  • When new medications are involved, the extension gives additional time for clients to safely adjust to medications while under the care of their treatment team.
  • And for all recipients, Bridge Funding eases stress for the client and family so they can focus on what matters – getting good plans and support systems in place for a healthy transition to more independent living.
Your support makes all of our financial aid programs possible – including this new source of flexible, immediate funding that
is bridging the gap to healthy, independent living.

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This article appeared in the 2015 issue of our Journeys Magazine.