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Ways to Stay Active through the Holidays

December 15, 2016

The holiday season is upon us. As we spend time with family and friends during the holidays, our daily routines are often disrupted as we enjoy various holiday festivities. Despite the holiday bustle, it is important to continue physical activity as part of our daily schedule.

Daily activity is important for mind stability. It can also relieve stress and help boost your immune system.  At Skyland Trail, we encourage clients and alumni to stay physically active throughout the holiday season. Shelley Danser, coordinator of adjunctive therapies, offers various physical activities to stay healthy - mentally and physically.

Indoor exercises:

Outdoor Exercises:

  • Go on daily walks or jogs
  • Take a walk to the park
  • Access community recreational trails such as the Beltline and PATH in Atlanta
  • Participate in a holiday fun-run in your local community
  • When you have the option to walk rather than drive to your destination – choose to walk

Group activities:

  • Engage in group activities such as bowling, laser tag, Whirlyball, ice skating, Topgolf or indoor rock climbing
  • Enjoy a walk with friends or family in the neighborhood
  • Go to the park with your family and engage in activities with your children
  • Check to see if your local recreational gymnasiums or sports clubs like YMCA are open

Do your best to stay with your daily exercise routine. If you have not established one, let the goal be to increase your activity every day.

Exercise should be an important piece of our daily activity year-round, especially during the holidays. So, be in the moment this holiday season – enjoy the holiday festivities and stay active!