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Graduate Reflection: Learning to Fly

May 18, 2017

In early September, any strengthening qualities I had were almost snuffed out by my unhealthy thoughts and actions by someone who I thought loved and cared for me. At the exact right time, my family took me under their protective wings knowing I would fly once again. All of my family researched and recommended that I live in residence at Skyland Trail to learn better and healthier ways to improve my well-being. Little did I know, in December 2016 what an adventure it would be. I began to learn to fly again with fresh, re-clipped wings. I began to uncover new confidence, discerning skills to achieve the powerful and phenomenal woman I am today. Although flying will always hurt, focusing on where I am at each present moment will insure that I will enjoy each flight. 

- Denice F., Skyland Trail Alumni