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Planned Giving: Ellen and Roland Behm

June 11, 2019

Planned Giving: Ellen and Roland Behm

Marzena Holly was our son’s primary counselor during his time at Skyland Trail. Theirs was a challenging relationship, one built not on sunshine and light but on hard truths and fierce wills.

Our son’s continuing recovery from a diagnosis of bipolar disorder is attributable first to him, second to Marzena, and third to Skyland Trail. One may have the best doctors, counselors, adjunctive therapists, support staff, and facilities, and Skyland Trail certainly does, and yet they amount to nothing if the person with the diagnosis is not willing to honestly engage in the battle with the illness. Marzena prepared our son for that battle. She helped him find the courage and strength and self-compassion to daily face an implacable foe.

Our son did nothing to cause the chronic and recurrent illness that is bipolar disorder, but that matters little. Time spent looking to the past takes away from time better spent readying for the future. And that is what Marzena did for our son. Brilliantly.

Marzena died from melanoma a few years after our son was at Skyland Trail. We honor her legacy each day and in our membership in the Cypress Society. Skyland Trail’s motto is “offering hope, changing lives,”and that is what Marzena and Skyland Trail did for our family.