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Referral Relations Representatives Attend Upcoming Summer Conferences

June 05, 2017

Atlanta, GA – Skyland Trail, a nationally recognized residential treatment organization for adults with mental illness, will connect with mental health professionals across the country this summer. At national and regional conferences, Skyland Trail referral relations representatives will share best practices, learn about new research and trending topics in mental health treatment, and help professionals understand how the residential and day treatment programs at Skyland Trail may benefit their clients. Referral relations representatives will describe some of Skyland Trail’s specialty programs, including residential DBT for adults with Borderline Personality Disorder, a specialized program for young adults experiencing their first psychotic episode or disruptive mood disorder, and a dual diagnosis program for adults with a psychiatric diagnosis and co-occurring substance use problem.

National referral relations representative, Julie Dudkowski will attend Innovations in Behavioral Healthcare Conference in Nashville, TN, on June 19 and A4CIP 3rd Annual Conference in Houston, TX, on June 22. She also will attend the GPPA Summer Meeting in Amelia Island, FL. August 4-5.

Krista Snively, national referral relations representative, will attend the CORE Conference on July 16-19 in Amelia Island, FL. In addition, Krista will attend the Low Country Mental Health Conference in Charleston, SC, July 27-28.

To find out when a representative is in your area or to see a full list of upcoming conferences, please visit our website.