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Skyland Trail Clients and Alumni Participate in Comedy Class led by Laughing Skull Lounge Owner

December 04, 2017

Atlanta, GA – Skyland Trail, a nationally recognized treatment organization for adults with mental illness, recently hosted a comedy class led by Laughing Skull Lounge owner, Marshall Chiles.

Skyland Trail clients and alumni participated in the six week comedy class, learning the fundamentals of joke structure and comedy writing techniques. Participants also learned to recognize and highlight elements of their own personality as well as how to write from their own comedic perspective.

After the six week course, participants of the class performed for their peers at a weekly community meeting. Each graduate performed a  5-minute comedic routine, finding humor in their recovery journeys.

Laughing Skill Lounge is located in Midtown Atlanta and was voted Best Comedy Club in Atlanta by Creative Loafing. The lounge was also listed as one of the best comedy clubs in the world by Delta Sky Magazine.