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Kotwicki Presents at Posttraumatic Growth Symposium

July 06, 2018

Atlanta, GA – Dr. Raymond J. Kotwicki, Skyland Trail Charles B. West Chief Medical Officer, will present at the second annual Posttraumatic Growth Symposium on Friday, July 13, in Provo, Utah.

Mental health professionals from across the country will hear from clinical experts as they share ways to best support individuals and families with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or who have experienced complex trauma.

Kotwicki’s presentation is titled, Invisible Scars: Trauma-Related Physiologic and Neuroanatomic Changes and Their Treatment Implications. While certain types of trauma result in literal scars and wounds, others do not necessarily produce observable injuries. Nevertheless, many traumas result in significant physiological changes in victims’ stress hormone system regulation, neuroanatomy, and even genetic mutations that may carry important functional and cognitive ramifications. This discussion will highlight some of these physiological and anatomic changes and correlate them with necessary modifications in therapeutic work with trauma survivors.

Kotwicki is one of five expert guest presenters who will share concepts that have proven effective. In addition to the breakout sessions, guests will enjoy a keynote address from Olympic gold medalist and trauma survivor, Kayla Harrison.

The Posttraumatic Growth Symposium is sponsored by Heritage Community and McLean Hospital.  Additional sponsors include Paradigm Treatment Centers and New Haven. For more information, visit theheritagecommunity.