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Skyland Trail Associates Announce 2019 Leadership

January 11, 2019

Skyland Trail Associates Announce 2019 Leadership

ATLANTA - Skyland Trail, a nationally recognized mental health treatment organization for adults ages 18 and older, is pleased to announce Suci Jackson and Denise Rezek as the 2019 Skyland Trail Associates President and Vice President respectively. Jackson previously served as Vice President in 2018 alongside outgoing President Sue McKinley.

“I have close relationships with people—both young and old—who have benefited from the evidence-based mental health services that Skyland Trail provides,” says Jackson, who became involved with the Skyland Trail Associates many years ago after an invitation from friends. “It’s incredibly fulfilling to commit my time to an organization that serves my community and helps those in need.”

Skyland Trail Associates play an integral role in accomplishing Skyland Trail’s mission. These women leaders serve as ambassadors for Skyland Trail in their communities by working to erase the stigma associated with mental illness. Associates meet throughout the year to learn about the latest news and advancements in mental health from Skyland Trail experts. Additionally, Associates are a valuable volunteer group, donating time to the Skyland Trail horticultural, art, music, and recreational therapy programs. They help clients feel welcome at Skyland Trail by assembling welcome bags and decorating the campus for holidays. Each spring, Associates organize a luncheon to raise funds for an area of need at Skyland Trail; the luncheon includes a keynote speaker and a fashion show.

Rezek first became involved with the Skyland Trail Associates after attending the annual Associates Spring Luncheon. Soon after, she began volunteering for various Skyland Trail events and on campus.

“I hope to encourage others to become part of the Skyland Trail Associates and help increase support of such a wonderful treatment organization,” says Rezek.