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Thanks to Skyland Trail, our son has the skills, knowledge, confidence and support to succeed and make the most of his life. His family is so very thankful."

– former Skyland Trail parent

What To Expect

We want to prepare potential clients and families to get the most out of Skyland Trail by knowing what to expect at admission, during treatment and at discharge.

Financial Information

We provide upfront financial consultation for our clients' families and we accept a number of private insurance sources. We also offer financial assistance in certain cases. We do not accept Medicaid or Medicare.

Financial Information

Admissions & Assessment

Our foremost goal in the admissions process is to assure that Skyland Trail is a good fit for the applicant. The individual has a two-hour assessment interview that can be done in person or by phone. Our treatment team then determines whether the applicant is appropriate for treatment and recommends an initial level of care.

Admissions Process

Psychiatric Assessment & Diagnosis

After admission, clients may participate in a comprehensive psychological and neuropsychological assessment to gather information about educational, social, and everyday functioning, which will inform their treatment and recovery plans. Our comprehensive assessment services are also available to individuals not enrolling in our residential or day treatment programs. Note that, once admitted, we may need one to two weeks to get to know the client and put all relevant information together before our treatment team determines a diagnosis.


Holistic Treatment Approach

Our client-centric clinical approach begins by identifying personal recovery goals. We assist the client in this process, developing an individualized recovery plan that includes medication, therapy, physical health, nutrition, socialization, readiness for employment or returning to school, spirituality, leisure activities and cultivation of healthy relationships with family and friends. Each client works with a primary counselor who coordinates treatment based on the recovery plan. Each client is assigned to a recovery community and a primary care track. The client's daily schedule includes participation in one-on-one therapy sessions and a variety of groups focused on education, adjunctive therapy, physical wellness and vocational counseling.

Treatment Philosophy

Residential & Day Treatment

Many Skyland Trail clients live in the therapeutic environment of our residential facilities. Each facility has 24/7 professional supervision, with structured hours of therapy and activities. The Health and Education Center is the hub of daily treatment for both residential and community-based clients. It includes classrooms and therapy offices; a full gymnasium and exercise room; art and music therapy space; a life skills training kitchen and classroom; a greenhouse and therapy gardens; primary care clinic and dining room.

residential treatment

day treatment

Length of Stay

Skyland Trail is not a fixed length program; however, the average length of treatment is four to six months. Most clients transition from one level of care to another level of care with the goal of attaining greater independence. The length of time between transitions varies and depends on the client's symptoms and goals. Our staff will monitor clients' progress and help determine appropriate next steps.

Levels of Care

Family Involvement

Families are essential for a client's recovery from mental illness. Skyland Trail is a leader in helping families play a positive role in their loved one's journey, as well as in providing support to families as they cope with a loved one's illness. We provide family therapy, support groups and education.

Family Services

Relationship with Your Loved One

Although the benefits of recovery can be tremendous, it is a process that can result in some very challenging days. As a supportive person in your loved one's life, you are likely to hear about the successes as well as the frustration. We encourage families to take advantage our family support group to learn the best strategies for supporting your loved one and taking care of your own physical and mental health.


Skyland Trail practices open communication with clients and families. During admissions and throughout treatment, we encourage questions about the clinical process, programs, costs, expectations or other topics that come to mind. We strive to answer all questions fully and promptly. Please be aware that HIPAA requires we have consent from our clients to share information about their treatment with family members. If families are unable to resolve their questions about the direction of therapy or the recovery process for their loved one, they can discuss the situation with our family advocate, whose role is to help facilitate communications between families and the recovery team of professionals at Skyland Trail.


Skyland Trail is a traditional allopathic medical facility. Our experienced psychiatrists judiciously prescribe medications to help alleviate symptoms and help our clients feel better. We give our clients input and options, but we do require that all clients be open to changes in medications. Individuals who are opposed to medication therapy will not be a good match for our treatment programs. We do our best to find a medication strategy for each patient that maximizes physical and mental wellness and minimizes side effects.

Relationship with Current Psychiatrist, Therapist or Provider

With clients' permission, we will contact their current provider and request their input as we develop clients' recovery goals and treatment plans. A key milestone in recovery and community reintegration is the patient's return to the care of the referring psychiatrist or other professional. Before they leave Skyland Trail, clients must have a appointment scheduled with a provider in the community. Clients may return to a referring provider or may seek our help to identify an appropriate provider if they do not have a current relationship.

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