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Independence Coaching

What is an Independence Coach?

During home visits, an Independence Coach ensures clients are successfully adjusting to independent living and are taking their medications appropriately. The coach also provides assistance with practical matters like paying bills, planning transportation, accessing community resources and making and sticking to a schedule. The coach designs an individualized Independence plan to address areas that are most important to the client. The Independence Coach may also accompany the client on a community outing, like a trip to the grocery store.

How often does the independence coach visit?

We offer three levels of Independence Coaching: one home visit per week, three home visits per week, or five home visits per week.

Who can receive Independence Coaching services?

All Skyland Trail clients participating in our transitional housing program also are enrolled in the independence coaching program. 

However, living in our transitional housing community is not a requirement for enrolling in independence coaching. Home visits and coaching sessions are available to clients living independently, with family, in sober living communities, in group homes, or other residential communities. Clients must live within our geographic service area to enroll in independence coaching and receive home visits.

Here's  an example of how a client may move through our continuum of care and participate in independence coaching along the way:

  • A client admits to our residential level of care. (Residential clients do not participate in independence coaching.)
  • After several weeks, the client steps down to day treatment. The client is no longer living on campus. He or she has several options on where to live. He or she may qualify for the Skyland Trail transitional living community. All clients living at our transitional housing community must enroll in the independence coaching program. Clients with a history of substance use may instead be referred to a sober living community. While not required, Skyland Trail clients in a sober living community may chose to enroll in the independence coaching program. A third option is for the client to live with family in the Atlanta area, or live independently in a house or apartment. In this case, the client also may choose to participate in independence coaching.
  • After several weeks, the client steps down to our intensive outpatient program. The client may be living at our transitional housing campus, a sober living community, with a family member in the community, or independently. In all cases, independence coaching is available. 
  • The client then graduates from intensive services at Skyland Trail. He or she may continue to live in transitional housing and/or participate in independence coaching for a few months after graduating before transitioning completely to independent living.
  • The client leaves our transitional living community and moves into an apartment to live independently. If the residence is within our geographic service area, he or she may continue to be enrolled in independence coaching and receive home visits.


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