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The goals of LEAP are social enrichment and skills practice. The staff creates a safe, fun and appropriate environment to allow us to practice socialization and gain self respect.

– former Skyland Trail client

Life Enrichment Adult Program

Interest in new friendships, activities and social engagement is a major milestone in recovery. Skyland Trail’s Life Enrichment Adult Program (LEAP) provides a variety of opportunities for clients to form relationships, learn skills and cultivate hobbies and interests. 

LEAP activities take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and weekends and include cooking classes, art projects, group fitness and recreation, pet therapy, and special outings to sporting events, restaurants and museums. Our licensed counselors organize and lead LEAP activities and help clients address their social anxieties through experiential learning.

Clients enrolled in our residential program participate in LEAP. LEAP also is available as an add-on program to clients in day treatment, intensive outpatient, and transitional living and as a stand-alone program, with full or part-time participation, to Skyland Trail graduates and other individuals in the community living with mental illness.

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Leading a meaningful life through purposeful activities
"When a person is experiencing a mental illness, often the attention to self and wellbeing falls by the wayside. In recreational therapy, we work to identify things that the clients did when they were healthy that helped them feel pleasure, comfort or satisfaction," says Shelley Danser, CTRS, coordinator of adjunctive therapies, Skyland Trail.
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