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Client Testimonials

Seeing our clients succeed on the path to recovery is the ultimate goal for everyone affiliated with Skyland Trail. The testimonials below are just a few of the many success stories we have seen over the years.

Client Satisfaction

In June 2010 Skyland Trail staff collected satisfaction surveys from all clients, reflecting clients' attitudes and thoughts about programming and services. Ninety-six percent of clients completed surveys. Of those, 97 percent say they've been helped by the care they received, 98 percent say staff listened carefully to them, 93 percent say they received enough time with staff members, and 100 percent report that they were treated with respect and dignity while they were at Skyland Trail.

“She really listened to me... ”

"One night I was having a hard time, and Danielle (in Skyland Trail South residence) came and comforted me. She even gave me a night light because I was having trouble sleeping in the dark. She really listened to me when I needed an ear."
—Skyland Trail Client

“Nicole (in admissions) has been extremely helpful...”

Nicole has been extremely helpful to me as I have been getting to be a part of this community. She has answered my questions, accepted my emotions, and walked through some tricky spots with me."
—Skyland Trail Client

“The first treatment center that has actually worked ... brought much peace to my father and relief to me.”

Skyland Trail is the first treatment center that has actually worked for my father. The quality of the care and the caregivers has brought much peace to my father and relief to me. I honestly do not know what would have happened to my father if it weren't for Skyland Trail. I am forever grateful to all the individuals who have helped him so much. Thank you! Please continue to provide financial aid to those that cannot afford the full cost of your services. That is such a wonderful service you provide.
—Rebecca S., daughter of former client

“I am finally over the mountain.”

Thank you for everything you did for me, Skyland Trail. I am doing great and in school to learn to teach special education. I think I am finally over the mountain, even if it took five years.
—Pamela C., former client

“I so appreciate Skyland Trail ... everyone is so friendly.”

I so appreciate Skyland Trail. If only I had known how ill my son was. I feel that he is getting the best care possible now that he is there. Everyone is so friendly and genuinely seems to care about all of their clients. I feel that my son is safe there and that means literally everything to me — he seems so much better. I would highly recommend Skyland Trail to anyone!
—Lou K., parent of former client

“Skyland Trail has, in our view, saved our life as a family.”

Our son suffers from bipolar disorder. His first psychotic break occurred in 1996 while he was a graduate student in film studies at the University of Southern California. Without rehearsing details of the horrors, angst, pain, terror, troubles, set-backs, etc., that marked the following years, let me say that our fortune in being directed to Skyland Trail has turned our son's life around. Skyland Trail has, in our view, saved our life as a family.
—Houston B., parent of former client

“We feel like Skyland Trail saved our kid's future.”

In many ways, we feel like Skyland Trail saved our kid's future and are very grateful. He was treated as an individual and therapy was tailored to his specific case. When we felt like he was in danger, Skyland Trail admitted him to residential treatment quickly; this was very helpful. I have recommended Skyland Trail to several other families.
—Linda W., parent of former client

“Skyland Trail saved my daughter's life - and mine.”

In six months Skyland Trail changed my anxiety ridden, nonfunctioning daughter into a poised, capable young woman. She is now looking for a full-time job, making new friends, and taking care of household chores. Skyland Trail saved her life — and mine.
—Debra R., parent of former client

“Thank you to the staff and for the program at Skyland Trail that saved my life! ”

When I flashback to the depressive days of my illness for that lost year, I know I hit rock bottom - losing 50 pounds, threatening suicide, speaking to no one, not going outside, disregarding personal hygiene, quitting my teaching job, losing contact with lifelong friends, distancing myself from family members, and neglecting my responsibilities. I realize I was heading for a complete meltdown. I was not taking any pills that were being prescribed, so my oldest daughter flew to Florida to rescue me and brought me to Georgia to Skyland Trail. I refused to enter twice. Finally, after an emotional ultimatum from my daughter, I entered. Thank God I did!
Now, over a year later, I can say thank you to the staff and for the program at Skyland Trail that saved my life! I went back to teaching full time. I have spent some valuable, quality time with my family including my two grandsons; I have a new one who is three months old. I had a beautiful summer in Dahlonega at our retirement cabin and we added some stone steps and accents to the front, and a cedar fence as well. I had dinner parties for the neighbors ... I joined the local Red Hat Society and we had our oldest grandson for a week at the cabin so we could fish, hike, and swim. All of my "dreams" have come true. Every day I think of how wonderful I feel now, and with that, Skyland Trail cannot be far from my mind
—Trish H., former client

“Times have flown ... things are on the up and up with me.”

I was a client at Skyland Trail about four years ago. Wow, time has flown since and things are on the up and up with me. The last time I spoke to you or the staff at Skyland, I had been promoted at my job with Kroger. Well, I am no longer with Kroger Grocery, but now with a very prestigious financial marketing firm in Johns Creek. I am about to have my two year anniversary with the firm.
I am also involved in Toastmasters International, a public speaking and leadership organization, and have served as my club's Sergeant at Arms for the last two years. I am also starting to work on my education for ministry and will hopefully apply soon to seminary to obtain a Masters in Divinity with a focus on becoming a chaplain.
—Wes Q., former client

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