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Annual Giving

Charitable giving supports unique opportunities that help our clients overcome treatment obstacles through three important programs:

1. Financial Aid Scholarships

Our need-based financial aid scholarship program enables many clients and their families to access and complete treatment. While clients and families are responsible for a portion of their treatment costs, our Financial Aid Program help fills the gap.

2. Engagement Incentives

When you’re dealing with a mental illness, just getting out of bed can be a challenge. Showing up and actively participating in a full-day of therapy sessions can seem impossible.  We also award financial aid through our engagement incentive program to encourage clients to give therapy their best efforts. Clients who meet participation criteria throughout their treatment receive a reduction in their program fees or an increase in their financial aid award. And it works. Individuals who benefit from the incentive program are more likely to fully participate in their treatment and less likely to end their treatment before their counselors and doctors believe they are ready.

3. Adjunctive Therapies and Specialized Services

Working with our expert music, horticulture, art or recreation therapists can help open doors to the process of sharing and communication. Clients also receive support from our pastoral counselor as well as training and guidance from our vocational services program. These unique programs significantly impact engagement and progress toward recovery.


Ways to Give

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