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Skyland Trail is developing a residential campus and mental health treatment program for adolescents ages 14 to 17.

The Adolescent Treatment Program will fill an urgent need in our region for evidence-based, high-quality mental health treatment for teens with mood and anxiety disorders.

Beyond the construction of a new campus and the development of a new treatment program, contributions to the $20 million Building Resilience, Changing Lives campaign will enable us to give teens with mental health disorders the care and support they need to heal, grow, and prepare for a future full of possibilities.

NEWS RELEASE: Skyland Trail Breaks Ground on Adolescent Campus >

Skyland Trail to develop adolescent treatment program and campus for teens ages 14 to 17

Early treatment for long-term success

Adolescence is a challenging stage of life, even more so for teens struggling with a mental health disorder. The trajectory of adolescents’ lives, and in some cases their very survival, may depend on access to timely and appropriate mental health treatment.

Untreated mental illness can delay or prevent cognitive and social development, and teens often lack the resilience to recover from challenges and setbacks. Mental illness is strongly correlated with poor school performance, trouble with the juvenile justice system, risky sexual behaviors, and substance abuse.

Early intervention and treatment yields better long-term outcomes. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of residential treatment facilities in the Southeast serving ages 14 to 17. The Skyland Trail program will provide the best evidence-based treatment for adolescents with mood and anxiety disorders – right here in Atlanta.

A continuum of care – from residential treatment, to day treatment, to intensive outpatient – will help patients transition safely and gradually back to their families, schools, and communities.

A touchstone for community education

In addition to helping families enrolled in treatment, the Skyland Trail Adolescent Treatment Program will serve as a touchstone for community education and professional training. Building on Skyland Trail’s respected education program, students and trainees will gain hands-on experience in best-in-class, patient-focused care. And Atlanta area schools will rely on Skyland Trail as a resource for community education about early diagnosis and treatment.

evidence-based treatment for adolescents with mood and anxiety disorders

The Program

Funds from the Building Resilience, Changing Lives campaign will allow Skyland Trail to develop a world-class evidence-based psychiatric treatment program for adolescents and their families.

Specialized care components include:

  • Building resilience: Teens will learn healthy coping skills to manage stress and navigate school as well as peer and family relationships.
  • Evidence-based psychiatric care: After comprehensive diagnostic assessments, adolescent patients will be matched with a specialized treatment plan based on their diagnoses, symptoms, strengths, and goals.
  • Multidisciplinary expertise: Complementary therapies including art, music, and recreational therapy will help teens find new tools for staying healthy.
  • Coordination with schools: On-staff tutors will partner with schools to help patients stay current with their courses.
  • Engaging the family: Parents will participate in family therapy sessions and psychoeducation classes to help them make important changes in family dynamics to support long-term recovery.


Skyland Trail to develop adolescent treatment program and campus for teens ages 14 to 17

The Campus

Skyland Trail has acquired a piece of property near I-85 at Dresden Drive and Chamblee Tucker Road, about five miles from the main campus. The adolescent campus will be nestled among wooded hills and will be designed as a safe haven for teens, a welcoming environment that feels like a traditional school campus where they will feel respected, protected, and at home.

Treatment & education center: An existing 30,000-square-foot, two-story office building will be renovated to meet the specialized treatment & education needs of adolescents including:

  • individual and group therapy rooms
  • art and music therapy rooms
  • a media center and dedicated space for patients to complete their school work
  • a kitchen and dining area
  • offices for clinical and administrative staff

Residential hall: A two-story, 26-bed residential hall will be constructed adjacent to the treatment center. It will provide private rooms as well as a common living area, family room, kitchen, and nurses’ station.

Outdoor gardens & recreation: The outdoor space will feature a half-court gym for basketball and other fitness and recreational activities.

The Campaign

A ceremonial groundbreaking took place on May 23, 2018. The estimated grand opening of the adolescent program is summer 2019. To learn how you can support the campaign, please contact Katie Dozier, Vice President for Development, at

Campaign Committee

Campaign Chairs
Rex Fuqua
Rand Glenn Hagen
Tom Johnson

Committee Members
Joanna Adams
Tom Bell
Duvall Fuqua
Allison Hill, JD, PhD
Jim Howard
Billy Huger
Clay Jackson
Amy Rollins Kreisler
Melissa Lowe
Lorri McClain
Ned Montag
Colleen Nunn
Richard Parker
Nina Schwartz

Building Resilience Changing Lives

Adolescent Campus Groundbreaking

On May 23, 2018, more than 75 guests gathered for a groundbreaking ceremony. Speakers at the ceremony included Richard Parker, chair of the Skyland Trail board of directors; Beth Finnerty, president and CEO; and Dorothy Jordan, executive director of the adolescent program. The campaign tr-chairs – Rex Fuqua, Rand Glenn Hagen, and Tom Johnson – also delivered remarks. News release >

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