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Gloria T

Gloria T. graduated from Skyland Trail in 2013 and was instrumental in kicking off the Alumni Program. She completed training to become a certified peer specialist and is a professional writer. 

gloria t alumni story

Biggest change as a result of Skyland Trail

The biggest change I’ve been able to make in my life is being more aware of my needs and being a better advocate for myself.  I’m also kinder to myself now.

Most valuable skill or coping strategy

I still have a ways to go in terms of consistent application, but I continue to take DBT skills classes and I keep a copy of my WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) on my phone for easy access. DBT and my WRAP help me stay mindful of my needs, as well as the resources I have within my grasp to take care of myself.

Hopes and goals for the future

One of my biggest goals right now is to get my freelance writing business up and running. It will help me get back on my feet financially, and it will give me the flexibility to schedule my time in a way that’s most in line with my needs.

Living with a Mental Illness

For me, living with a mental illness is a continual—sometimes, winding—journey.  Some weeks, days, hours are harder than others. Being aware of what kind of day or moment I’m having, and adjusting my goals and expectations accordingly, helps me to manage my illness and live my life in ways that feel true and right for me.