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Sophie S

Sophie S., Skyland Trail graduate

My time at Skyland has been life-changing. I came here at a time that, on paper, would indicate little reason for me to be depressed or even sad: I had made it through an Ivy League college, and had returned home to “start my life” and “achieve my goals.”

All of my friends were landing jobs or getting into med school, law school, you name it. I hated myself for not being able to get out of bed. I felt absolutely unworthy of anything life had to offer—from a job or the very degree I had earned to any type of love or acceptance from other people. I was marinating in my depression and nearly constant obsessive thoughts. By the time I arrived at Skyland Trail, I had no desire to keep living in such an unbearable state. These thoughts were only made worse by my physical health at the time, which was quickly heading toward disaster.

I have been overwhelmed by the number of invaluable tools I have received in treatment, the incredible connections I have made with fellow clients, and the amount of attention and care I received even when I thought it was being wasted on me. In addition to thanking the many clients both past and present who I have met and grown to love and care for, I want to thank so many of the staff here.

We do not come to treatment when life is going according to plan. I think a lot of us would have good reason to be unkind and standoffish while we are here, but I am extremely grateful for the way other clients have accepted me and made me feel worthy of love and friendship. I have been overwhelmed by the friendships I have made, and in a way I am still processing how positive my experience was with all the clients. I truly did not expect it.

I hope you all get what you truly deserve out of this place. You are all worthy of feeling better—whatever that means to you and whether or not you believe it right now. Thank you.