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Alumni Selfie Story: Bailey

Hey y’all, I’m Bailey! My time at Skyland Trail helped me take some big steps forward toward managing my depression and getting back into my life. Since Skyland, I completed my bachelor’s degree and went on to get my Master’s in Counseling so that I could walk through life with people the way that everyone at Skyland did for me.

To get me through my struggle days, because of course they still happen sometimes, I have recently taken up running. I was never an athletic person, so when my therapist suggested I “do something hard on purpose,” running was the absolute hardest thing I could think of!

This selfie photo is a very proud me with my medal after finishing my first 5K race in March 2020. I am a “slow and steady” kind of runner, but when I make myself go for a run when I’m having an off day I always feel better than I did, even if just a little.

We are all capable of much more than we know; I hope you all will go do something hard on purpose and discover new ways to silence those voices that tell you that you can’t.

Alumni Selfie Story: bailey
Bailey, a Skyland Trail alumni

This client testimonial was submitted through our Alumni Selfie Story program, where we alumni share their personal experience with others, give updates on their recovery, or give a shout-out to someone that’s helped them in their recovery.