Neurodiversity and Mental Health: ADHD

May 20, 2024
students in a classroom

Neurodiversity and Mental Health: ADHD  In recent years, recognition and understanding of neurodiversity have gained prominence, challenging traditional perspectives on mental health. The intersection of neurodiversity and mental health is a complex and dynamic landscape that demands attention from both clinical and social perspectives. This blog explores some examples of the interplay between neurodiversity in…


Honor the Journey

May 3, 2024
Two women prepare plants for sale

By Allison, Skyland Trail adult client, read at Arts in the Garden 2024 Honor the journey There is In every story: A hero And a villain A beginning And an end And the story follows the hero Along their journey Doing whatever it is That they do And there is seldom judgement Of how heroic…


Road Closure and Alternate Routes

April 26, 2024

The Georgia Department of Transportation issued notice of a full road closure that will affect the area around the Skyland Trail main adult campus for about 90 days beginning April 26. You will need to plan for a longer travel time when coming to campus. There is no direct access to Skyland Trail from the North Druid…


Community Highlight: Clifton Hughes Celebrates 20 Years with Skyland Trail

April 18, 2024
Portrait of Clifton Hughes

Clifton Hughes has worked with Skyland Trail’s Horticultural team for 20 years. He has left an incredible impact on the campuses and people he interacts with.


Embracing Nature: My Journey as a Horticultural Therapist

April 15, 2024
a portrait photo of Marisol Clark

Learn more about Horticultural therapist at Skyland Trail, Marisol Clark.


The Power of Intuitive Eating for Holistic Wellness

April 9, 2024
Plate of nutritious food

Learn about the complex intersection of mental health and nutrition.


Staff Highlight: Kyuanté Jenkins

February 22, 2024
Kyuante Jenkins smiling portrait

Learn about Kyuante Jenkins, CBT Recovery Community Assistant Director at Skyland Trail.


How Skyland Trail Addresses Trauma

January 16, 2024
illustration of person in setting with head in hands in distress - title is how we address trauma

The model of care practiced at the Skyland Trail adult and adolescent treatment programs is “trauma-informed.” By helping trauma survivors first address symptoms of depression, anxiety, or borderline personality disorder, trauma-informed psychiatric treatment allows patients to develop insight and adopt healthy coping skills to handle difficult emotions before beginning the challenging work of processing their specific trauma.


Staff Highlight: Steve Morris

December 21, 2023
Steve Morris

Read to learn more about Steve Morris, Senior Healthcare Recruiter at Skyland Trail.


Staff Highlight: Chase Turner

November 27, 2023

Get to know Chase Turner, TMS Technician at Skyland Trail in Atlanta, Georgia.