Navigating the Path of Recovery: Empathy, Education, and Collaboration

September 18, 2023

Hear from our Assistant Director of the Dual Diagnosis program, Sarah Overton, LCSW, on the complex intersection of mental health and substance use.


Addiction Treatment Vs. Residential Dual Diagnosis Treatment

September 20, 2021
adults in peer support group for mental heatlh

What is a dual diagnosis treatment program? A dual diagnosis treatment program helps people who have a substance use disorder and one or more co-occurring psychiatric diagnoses, including a mood disorder like major depression or bipolar disorder, an anxiety disorder, schizophrenia or another thought disorder, or a personality disorder. Therapies and programs are structured to…


4 Strategies to Maintain Sobriety During the Holidays

November 13, 2018
holiday stress and mental health

Original post date November 2016. Giving the gift of recovery to ourselves and the people we love By Emily Giattina, LCSW, Dual Diagnosis Counselor, Skyland Trail The holidays can be a challenging time to manage sobriety. You may receive more invitations to parties or social gatherings than usual – some that you may feel obligated to…