Who We Are

Located in Atlanta, Skyland Trail is a nationally recognized nonprofit mental health treatment organization serving adults ages 18 and older and adolescents ages 14 to 17.

Skyland Trail is one of the nation's top mental health treatment centers. We are a voluntary treatment community of clients finding new ways to live a meaningful life with a chronic mental health disorder.

Success is built on a two-way commitment. We’re committed to our patients, and we ask our patients to commit to our approach. Each client has to put in the time and effort needed to make real and sustainable progress.

As a residential treatment facility, Skyland Trail is serious about healing, and we’re passionate about the community we serve.


Expert Psychiatric Care, Holistic Approach

We treat each individual, individually, tailoring an approach that includes a broad mix of evidence-based individual and group therapies that help prepare our clients for reintegration into their lives.

Our holistic treatment model integrates strategies to help clients improve mental health, physical wellness, and relationships with family, friends, and loved ones.

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Community Support

Skyland Trail is a private, nonprofit mental health treatment organization. Charitable giving supports a need-based financial aid program as well as unique therapeutic programming for clients and families. Since 1989, Skyland Trail has awarded nearly $21 million in financial aid scholarships, and five capital campaigns have raised more than $62 million for campus and program expansion.

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Our History

Skyland Trail began with the determination of Atlanta business leader Charles B. West. Through a friend's experience, he learned of a void in mental illness treatment. In the early 1980s, the dominant treatment model in Atlanta was hospitalization. There were no residential psychiatric treatment programs with the goal of reintegrating back into the community.

Nearing retirement from the family business, West Lumber Company, he turned his energies to the new cause, and in 1982 he established The George West Mental Health Foundation, named for his father. He recruited a committed board of directors who studied programs and innovations across the nation that looked beyond short-term stabilization to long-term recovery. The first facility opened in 1989, a treatment residence called Skyland Trail, and this name quickly became the foundation’s identity. Learn more about Skyland Trail History.

You Can Help

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Legal name: The George West Mental Health Foundation (d/b/a Skyland Trail)
Located: 1961 North Druid Hills Road NE, Atlanta GA, 30329
Federal tax ID number: #58-1489941