Academic Services

Integrated Academic & Education Services

Adolescent clients enrolled in the residential treatment and day treatment programs receive an educational needs assessment at admission and academic education services year-round. Academic education promotes intellectual and social emotional development while helping your teen work toward their education goals.

Educational Assessment: The education coordinator reviews each teen’s academic records, consults with parents and school of enrollment, and completes an educational needs assessment with the adolescent. The educational needs assessment assesses the client's academic needs and strengths to help guide the development of an individualized academic plan.

Daily Instruction: Each adolescent in the residential program receives at least two and a half (2.5) academic hours daily to work toward education goals. Student progress will be tracked and communicated with the school of origin and the family.

The education coordinator supports teens with completing assignments and assists in developing future academic goals for continued success after treatment by providing an educational discharge plan that includes recommended next steps.

Our certified educators work with each adolescent family and school of enrollment to:

  • Create an Individualized Academic Plan. Work on an individual academic plan developed by the school of origin if available. If not, the plan will be created by the education director.
  • Create a Transition Plan. The purpose of the transition plan is to develop, implement and evaluate an effective model of supports to improve transitions for the client as they exit the residential or day treatment program and return to the school environment. By sharing strategies that helped the client achieve educational goals with the client's teachers and parents, those strategies or accommodations can be employed to promote future success in school.

School Enrollment

Skyland Trail residential adolescent clients are required to be enrolled in an accredited school or online learning program while enrolled in treatment. Skyland Trail is committed to working closely with a client’s current school of enrollment when possible; however, we ask that schools agree to a few partnership requirements.

If the client does not want to remain enrolled at their current school, or if the current school is unable to meet the partnership requirements, the client will be enrolled in ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions. ADVANTAGES is an online school designed to meet the academic needs of students who require a more flexible learning environment. Because academic services is an integrated part of the adolescent treatment program year-round, clients may also enroll in ADVANTAGES during the summer months or other school breaks.

ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions Fact Sheet >

Summer Semester

During summer break, clients must be enrolled in at least 1 class for academic credit. If the client's school of enrollment offers summer classes, and the school can meet the school partnership requirements, the client may continue with their school of enrollment. If the school of enrollment is not an option during the summer, the client will be enrolled in at least one course through ADVANTAGES. The education specialist will help the client and guardian select a course that will fulfill academic credits needed for graduation or to advance other education goals.