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How to Admit or Refer to Skyland Trail

Skyland Trail accepts referrals from professional and non-professional sources to our psychiatric residential treatment and day treatment programs. While professionals are an important referral source, we welcome family and self-referrals as well.

All clients admitting to the adult residential or day treatment programs must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 prior to the day of admission.

First 4 Steps for All Admissions

The following four steps begin the admissions process for adult residential treatment, adult day treatment, and adolescent residential treatment. Residential clients must complete additional steps to ensure clients and staff in our residential communications are protected from COVID-19.


Informational Call


Financial Counseling


Get Medical Records


Admissions Assessment

Additional Steps for Adolescent Residential Admissions

Fully vaccinated adolescents may skip steps 5, 6 and 7.


First Test: Drive-through PCR Test


Quarantine at Home or Hotel


Second Test: Rapid Antigen Test


Welcome to Residential Community

Learn More First 4 Step for All Admissions

Step 1: Information Call

Call us to discuss your needs and our program. Our foremost goal is to assure that Skyland Trail is a good fit and that we offer the level of care you need. Potential clients need to demonstrate that they will be actively engaged in their recovery process. Treatment is successful only when clients commit to making  positive changes in their lives by taking prescribed medication (adult clients), participating in individual and group therapy, and practicing new skills and behaviors.

Step 2: Financial Information

If, after an initial conversation with our admissions team, you decide you would like to learn more about potential admission to Skyland Trail, we will schedule a call with our financial counselor. Because every client and situation is unique, Skyland Trail provides up-front financial counseling for each client and family. A number of private insurance companies cover Skyland Trail services; however, as with other health treatment, insurance does not typically cover the entire cost of the program or the recommended length of stay for a full recovery. The financial counselor will also provide information about our financial aid program. If you and our financial counselor determine that adequate resources are available for you or your loved one to benefit from treatment at Skyland Trail, we will schedule an assessment interview.

Step 3: Medical Records

Skyland Trail must receive the client's medical records before we can schedule an assessment appointment. With your consent, Skyland Trail will request records from previous mental healthcare providers, but the process often moves more quickly when families get involved and ask providers to share records as well.

Adolescent immunizations: To protect the health of our clients and staff, all adolescents must provide a current record of immunizations prior to admission. The record should show dates for all vaccines on the CDC's Recommended Child and Adolescent Immunization Schedule for ages 18 years or younger and be signed by a licensed physician or public health official. Unless medically contraindicated, adolescent clients in services between September 1 and February 28 must also have the CDC-approved annual seasonal influenza vaccine.

Step 4: Assessment Interview

The next step in the admissions process is for the applicant to have an assessment interview on our campus or over the phone with one of our admissions counselors. If an individual is hospitalized in Atlanta we may be able to send an admissions counselor to the hospital to complete the assessment. The interview lasts approximately 1–2 hours and is typically one-on-one with the potential client. For adolescent clients, we conduct an additional 30-minute interview with the potential client's parents or guardians. We will ask questions about the applicant's physical and mental health history, current symptoms, use of alcohol or drugs, previous treatment outcomes, etc. Following the assessment interview, our treatment team determines whether the applicant is appropriate for treatment and recommends an initial level of care.

Learn More Adult Residential Admissions

Effective June 7, 2021, all adult clients must be fully vaccinated prior to the day of admission. 

A “fully vaccinated” person is someone who has received two doses of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine and 14 days have passed since the second vaccine OR someone who has received one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and 14 days have passed since vaccination. Documentation of vaccination is required.

Prior to admission, Skyland Trail can administer the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to prospective clients who are beginning the admission inquiry process if they have not yet received any doses of a COVID-19 vaccine. Receiving a vaccine from Skyland Trail is not a guarantee of admission. Clients may also receive FDA-approved vaccinations from their local healthcare provider or vaccination clinic. Please note that, if receiving the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, the time from the first vaccine to fully vaccinated status is approximately six weeks. If receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the time from vaccination to fully vaccinated status is approximately two weeks. Skyland Trail does not require or recommend any particular brand of vaccine.

No pre-admission testing is required for fully vaccinated adult clients.

Step 5: Welcome to Residential Treatment

Fully vaccinated clients admit directly to a residential room at Rollins Campus or South Campus depending on availability. They may immediately begin attending in-person groups, individual sessions, and meals in the dining room(s). Clients are not required to wear masks.

Learn More Additional Steps for Adolescent Residential Admissions

Fully Vaccinated Adolescents

A “fully vaccinated” adolescent has received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine and 14 days have passed since the second vaccine. Documentation of vaccination is required. Pre-admission testing is not required for fully vaccinated adolescent clients.

Step 5: First Test: Drive-through PCR Test

(Fully vaccinated adolescents may skip to step 8.) Approximately 3-5 days before the scheduled admission appointment, the client must receive a drive through PCR test. Clients may work with their admissions counselor to schedule a drive through PCR test at the Skyland Trail Glenn Family Wellness Clinic at the Dorothy C. Fuqua Center (1961 North Druid Hills RD NE). Clients outside of Georgia may schedule a drive-through PCR test appointment with a health provider or testing site in their area. In most cases, PCR test results will not be available on the same day.

Clients who travel to Atlanta by plane or bus must arrive in Atlanta, then quarantine in a hotel (or other local accommodations) with a designated guardian for four days before the PCR test. Clients who live outside of Georgia who receive a PCR test at a testing site in their area must drive to Atlanta for their admissions appointment; they may not travel by plane or bus.

Step 6: Quarantine at Home or Local Accomodations

(Fully vaccinated adolescents may skip to step 8.) After the drive-through PCR test, client and guardian should return directly home or to local accommodations and quarantine together until the admissions counselor or local testing site contacts them with results of the PCR test.

Typically, clients may expect to have an admission appointment scheduled for the Monday or Tuesday following the drive-through PCR test day. Note that Skyland Trail sends samples for PCR tests out to a third party lab for processing. Lab processing times, though typically 2 to 3 days, may vary and may affect the length of time a client must quarantine at home before an admission appointment can be scheduled.

Step 7: Second Test: Rapid Antigen Test

(Fully vaccinated adolescents may skip to step 8.) When a negative PCR test result is received AND at least 72 hours have passed since the PCR test without the client or guardian developing any symptoms, Skyland Trail will schedule another COVID-19 test for the client: an on-site rapid antigen test at the J. Rex Fuqua Campus on the day of the scheduled admission appointment.

Results of the on-site rapid antigen test will be available within 30 minutes. The client and guardian should wait in their vehicle in the parking lot until test results are received.

If the client’s rapid antigen test is negative, the client may enter the clinical building of the J. Rex Fuqua Campus for the admission appointment.

Step 8: Welcome to Residential Treatment

Fully vaccinated guardian(s) may enter the admissions area of the J. Rex Fuqua Campus with the adolescent for the admission appointment. Guardians who are not fully vaccinated may not enter the building for the admission appointment.

The client admits to the milieu and must adhere to all COVID-related preventive behaviors, including wearing masks and physical distancing.


Contact our admissions team to learn how Skyland Trail can help you or your loved one.