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Residential Mental Health Treatment Programs for Adults and Adolescents

Residential treatment usually is the best level of care for individuals leaving a hospital or locked psychiatric acute care facility. Licensed nurses and residential staff are onsite 24 hours a day.

What is a residential treatment program?

Mental health residential treatment programs give clients the time, space, and support they need to recover from an episode of mental illness. Clients learn how to manage their diagnoses and acquire skills needed to stay healthy.

Unlike a hospital, all of our residential communities in Atlanta, Georgia, are unlocked, voluntary facilities surrounded by gardens. Clients enjoy private bedrooms and bathrooms and participate in social activities on campus and out in the community. All of our residential facilities are licensed by the State of Georgia and accredited by The Joint Commission.


Residential Admissions to a Precautionary Facility

During this pandemic, instead of organizing our adult residential campuses by client age, all adult clients admit to the precautionary floor of South Campus and then transition to the residential floor of South Campus or Rollins Campus.

On the day prior to the scheduled admission appointment, all patients must receive a COVID-19 rapid antigen test. Clients must schedule a test with a testing site in the community that provides same-day results.

If test results of the first antigen test are negative, the client should return home or to local accommodations directly from the testing site. The client should have no close physical contact with any other individuals, including individuals in the same household before departing for the admission appointment the following day.

Adult residential clients receive a history & physical exam within 48 hours of the day of admission. As part of the exam, a swab will be taken to be submitted for a COVID-19 PCR test.

While waiting for PCR test results and medical clearance, clients are assigned to the precautionary floor and must remain isolated in their private rooms until medically cleared.

While on the precautionary floor, meals and medications will be delivered to the client’s private room. With approval, clients may leave their room to spend scheduled time individually in the gardens. Clients participate in individual and group therapy sessions remotely via zoom online video conferencing while in their rooms.

Typically, clients may expect to leave the precautionary floor on the Monday or Tuesday following the admission day. To leave the precautionary floor, clients must be medically cleared. A negative PCR test is required for medical clearance. Note that Skyland Trail sends samples for PCR tests out to a third party lab for processing. Lab processing times, though typically 2 to 3 days, may vary and may affect the length of a client’s stay on the precautionary floor.

When a negative PCR test result is received AND at least 72 hours have passed since the history & physical exam without the client developing any symptoms, Skyland Trail will administer a third COVID-19 test: an on-site rapid antigen test. Results of the on-site rapid antigen test will be available within an hour.

If results from the on-site rapid antigen test are negative, the client may be cleared to transition to the residential floor at South Campus or directly to Rollins Campus, depending on bed availability. Note that Skyland Trail is unable to conduct the on-site rapid antigen test or transition clients to a residential room on Saturdays or Sundays.

Clients at Rollins Campus meet in person for groups and individual primary counselor sessions while practicing physical distancing. Individual psychiatry sessions take place through zoom. All residential clients at South Campus and Rollins Campus reside in private rooms with private bathrooms.

Clients on the residential floor of South Campus are transported to Rollins Campus to participate in treatment Monday through Friday and to participate in LEAP on Saturday and Saturday. Clients on the residential floor of South Campus may transition to Rollins Campus as rooms become available.

*Clients who are traveling to Atlanta by plane must arrive in Atlanta, then quarantine in a hotel (or other local accommodations) for four days before the day of admission.

Adults Ages 18+

Adults ages 18 and older who admit to the residential treatment program typically stay in the residential level of care for 8 to 12 weeks before stepping down to day treatment.

Adolescents 14-17

Adolescents ages 14 to 17 who admit to the residential treatment program typically stay at the residential level of care for 6 to 12  weeks before stepping down to day treatment.


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