Staff Spotlight: Elizabeth Ngo

November 13, 2023
Elizabeth Ngo

Read on to learn about Elizabeth Ngo, LMFT, an adolescent family therapist with Skyland Trail’s adolescent program.


Back to School: Strategies for Supporting Teen Mental Health

July 28, 2023
8 Ways to support your child in school

Going back to school can pose mental health challenges. By equipping children with the tools to plan effectively, manage stress, and communicate their needs, parents can empower their children to thrive both academically and emotionally. Read on to discover some strategies I recommend to support children as they prepare to return to school.


Staff Highlight: Abby Dickinson, LMSW

May 8, 2023
Abby Dickinson, LCSW

Get to know Abby Dickinson, LMSW, an adolescent primary counselor at Skyland Trail in Atlanta, Georgia, who treats teens ages 14 to 17.


Ecological Systems Theory in Adolescent Residential Treatment

December 29, 2022
ecological systems theory of child development - 5 nested systems

Ecological Systems Theory, or EST, is an integral part of the Skyland Trail adolescent residential treatment program for teens.


Get to Know: Holly Tufan, LAPC

October 24, 2022

Holly Tufan, LAPC, is a group therapist and care coordinator with the Skyland Trail adolescent treatment program for teens ages 14 to 17. In that role, Holly leads therapeutic groups, including dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills and ecological systems theory. They also help adolescents prepare for discharge from treatment, ensuring that teens and their families…


Addressing the Teen Mental Health Crisis

May 25, 2022
CDC's Dr. Deb Houry on stage at podium presenting slides about protecting youth mental health

As part of the 2022 Dorothy C. Fuqua Lecture, mental health experts discuss the teen mental health crisis and what people, schools, and systems can do to protect youth mental health.


Staff Highlight: Brandon Baird, LMSW, MPH

March 24, 2022
A photo of Brandon Baird, LMSW, MPH

As a family therapist for the adolescent treatment program, Brandon Baird, LMSW, MPH, has helped many families reconnect and find new ways to support one another.


Teen Avoidance Behaviors

December 14, 2021
teen alone in room

Teen avoidant behaviors—even if they are driven by depression or anxiety—make many mental health problems worse. There can be a “snowball effect.” Avoiding one situation leads to avoiding another, and another, until the teen effectively shuts down.


Staff Highlight: Trudy Farkas, RN

December 6, 2021
A photo of Trudy Farkas, RN, Lead Nurse, Adolescent

Lead nurse at the Skyland Trail adolescent treatment program, Trudy Farkas, RN, uses her skills and compassion to care for teens ages 14 to 17.


The First Year of Adolescent Treatment at Skyland Trail

December 3, 2020

Skyland Trail began offering evidence-based psychiatric treatment programs for adolescents in October 2019 with the opening of the J. Rex Fuqua Campus . In just over one year since opening the program, we’ve reached several important milestones. Check out a few highlights of the first year of adolescent treatment at Skyland Trail below. Teen Clients…