What People Don’t Tell You About Depression

July 12, 2021
A photo of a man in a very dark room who is looking down

By Gordon Corsetti, Skyland Trail Graduate The numbness caused by depression is rarely discussed because that degree of isolation is deeply unnerving. It is telling that one of the worst things we can do to a human is to lock them in a room with minimal interaction for an indeterminate amount of time. The effects…


What To Expect After Graduating from Skyland Trail

April 28, 2021
feet walking on street pausing at arrow

By Gordon Corsetti, Skyland Trail Graduate You feel unmoored. Like a sailor getting off their boat following a long tour, your sea legs are strong, yet acclimating to walking on the solid ground takes a measure of doing. You spent 90 days in a CBT or DBT treatment program at Skyland Trail. Perhaps you were…