Ellen G

Better Equipped to Face Challenges

ellen g and tim m parents of a Skyland Trail graduate

“You have gotten him here, and he is safe. Now rest and let Skyland do its work.” 

That was the kind reassurance we received from other parents and family members on our first night at STEP, when we were exhausted and reeling from the effects of our son’s crisis. 

In the following weeks, we returned eagerly, hungry to be with these warm and friendly people who understood our journey, and as our son settled and healed and grew stronger with new skills and strategies for a healthy life, so did we.

Our own knowledge about mental health resources grew as we learned from a diverse array of guest speakers at STEP, and Shelly facilitated a support group atmosphere of trust and compassion where all of us could bring our questions, frustrations, experiences and insights.

We feel wiser and better equipped to face mental health challenges in our family because of STEP, and we continue to attend to draw strength from the group’s wisdom.

When we meet new attendees whose loved one has just begun their journey at Skyland Trail, we are both humbled and proud to pass along the kind reassurance that was first gifted to us.

Ellen Gadberry
Parent of Skyland Trail Alumni