Mary and John Brock

Inspired by Friends, Motivated by Family

Mary and John Brock

Inspired by Friends

We first learned about Skyland Trail when we attended Benefits of Laughter as a guest of Kelly Loeffler and Jeff Sprecher. We were so impressed. And we continued to learn more about the important work Skyland Trail was doing from Dr. Ed Craighead at Emory and others in the community working to improve access to mental health treatment.

Motivated by Family

We tend to support causes that have impacted our family in some way. We support cancer research because we lost John’s mother to lung cancer despite her never smoking.  Mental and emotional health challenges have also affected our family, and so we support mental health research and treatment, contributing to Skyland Trail as well as Emory’s Child and Adolescent Mood Program. Equally important to us is supporting education, particularly for financially disadvantaged youth.

Early Impact

When we learned that Skyland Trail was developing a residential treatment program for adolescents, we felt committed to help. Adolescents and their families here in Atlanta and beyond desperately need more access to quality mental and emotional health treatment.

Expanding Skyland Trail’s treatment programs to impact this important group is especially exciting to us, and we are pleased to be able to support the Outdoor Sports Court at the new campus, given our love of sports and Mary’s co-ownership of the Atlanta Dream WNBA team. If we can impact adolescents early in their lives, there is a chance to change and improve the future for many young people who can then have productive and happy lives. 

There is a tremendous need for more people to understand that individuals who struggle with mental or emotional illness can come from any family and from every socioeconomic group.  We are proud to be able to support Skyland Trail as the organization continues to grow to meet the needs of our community.