Shauna M

Everything he needed for the hard work of recovery

We are a grateful family.  Our son started in the Skyland Trail day treatment program in 2014, after leaving college due to a major depressive episode.  Previously our son had been able to handle many challenges, including a learning disability, by leveraging his core personal strengths of determination, intelligence, creativity and compassion.  But during the depression he could not even handle the tasks of day-to-day living.  Our whole family was under stress and losing hope.  

Shauna M

“The Skyland Trail program provided our son everything he needed to do the hard work of recovery …”

 The Skyland Trail program provided our son everything he needed to do the hard work of recovery, including a better diagnosis, effective drug therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, art therapy, and physical exercise. Our family greatly benefited from family therapy. Perhaps most important, for our son and for us, was the community of compassion and understanding we found at Skyland Trail.

 Our son was able to continue in the program until he had a great set of new skills, better self-knowledge and a renewed ability to draw on his core personal strengths. He chose to return to college and graduated this spring.  He looks forward to an interesting career, but remains mindful of doing what he needs to do to manage his mental health. 

 We will always be grateful to Skyland Trail.   It is important to us that Skyland Trail have the resources to continue to offer hope and be able to serve people who need financial assistance, particularly those who suddenly lose insurance coverage when just a little more time in the program would allow them to be much more ready for discharge. Skyland Trail is always in our prayers and is an important part of our charitable giving.  Thank you, Skyland Trail!