2022 Journeys Magazine

Community Support

We are grateful for the many individuals and organizations who support our mission.

Hilton Howell & Gray Television

"We are incredibly blessed to have one of the finest institutions for the treatment of mental illness right here in our backyard. Having been involved with the organization, I know firsthand that the services Skyland Trail provides are vitally important to the community, especially in recent years. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to continue supporting the truly remarkable work being done at Skyland Trail."

Hilton Howell
Executive Chairman and CEO, Gray Television
Chairman, President & CEO, Atlantic American Corporation

Hilton Howell, Gray Television
Hilton Howell, Gray Television

Planned Giving: Ty Smith

“I support Skyland Trail, and it is included in my annual and estate charitable giving for three reasons: the mission, how the organization leads in this space, and the incredible impact it has on lives. I always held Skyland Trail in high regard having worked with countless nonprofits in my work career, but it wasn’t until I actually had family members and relatives struggle with these issues that it became very real for me. To see the anguish and despair these families face trying to find support for their loved ones is truly difficult. As Skyland Trail works with these families to support their specific mental health care needs, you start to see the light come back in their eyes as they start to understand that there actually is help for the challenge that lies ahead. To see the individuals and families get the treatment they need to cope with and manage these issues, and ultimately breakthrough to brighter days as they work to get their lives back, is incredibly rewarding.”

Ty Smith
Vice Chair, Board of Directors

Ty Smith
Ty Smith

Community Support Highlights

World Mental Health Day: A Day of Giving

Lynne Homrich, a Skyland Trail friend and donor, launched an initiative in 2022 to make World Mental Health Day a "Day of Giving." World Mental Health day is celebrated annually on October 10 (10/10). Funds raised through partnerships with local businesses, high school sports and Score Atlanta, and individual giving raised nearly $13,000 this October.


A Hole in One for Financial Aid

Printpack annually hosts the J. Erskine Love, Jr. Memorial Golf Tournament as a fundraising event for a selected charity and, in 2022, designated Skyland Trail as the beneficiary. Skyland Trail is so grateful to have received a generous donation of $200,000 from Printpack from the event.

Pictured: Beth Finnerty, Skyland Trail President and CEO, and Ray Kotwicki, MD, MPH, DFAPA, Charles B. West Chief Medical Officer at Skyland Trail, receive a check from Printpack

Printpack Donation

Mental Health Month Giving

Thanks to generous donations from individual donors and grateful families, Skyland Trail raised more than $3,000 during May, which is Mental Health Month. Funds raised were dedicated to purchasing fitness and yoga equipment for our adult and adolescent campuses. Activities like yoga, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and team sports are integrated parts of our treatment programs. Studies show a link between these types of physical activities and positive mental health outcomes.

adults on exercise equipment and stretching on mats on the floor

Peachtree Garden Club

The Peachtree Garden Club Foundation made its first gift to Skyland Trail in April 2022. Their generous support helped fund the expansion of the adolescent horticultural therapy program through the purchase of native and pollinator-friendly plants to establish the “Magic Meadow” garden space at the J. Rex Fuqua Campus for adolescents.

monarch butterfly on milkweed

Fund for Hope

Edwina and Tom Johnson Fund for Hope is an endowed fund that was established by June and Peter McGuire in honor of Edwina and Tom Johnson in January 2022. The Fund will support ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­depression treatment and programing at Skyland Trail.

woman in a yellow sweater holding a red plush heart

DID YOU KNOW?  Skyland Trail has awarded $22.7 million in financial aid since 1999.