Additional Skyland Trail Adolescent Clinical Staff Complete Training in Prolonged Exposure Therapy for Trauma

ATLANTA  Skyland Trail, a nonprofit mental health residential treatment program in Atlanta, offers Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PE) as part of the adolescent residential treatment program for teens ages 14 to 17. PE is an evidence-based therapy for individuals diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder.

To date, five Skyland Trail clinical team members have completed the Emory University School of Medicine Prolonged Exposure Consultant Training Program. The program is offered free of change thanks to grant funding provided by the Wounded Warrior Project. As an in-network provider of psychiatric residential and day treatment programs with Humana Military / TRICARE East, Skyland Trail helps meet the mental health treatment needs of military families. Two additional Skyland Trail clinical team members are scheduled to complete the training by December 2024.

In addition, one member of the Skyland Trail clinical team has completed specialized training to serve as a consultant for the program. An additional team member is scheduled to complete the specialized consultant training by the end of 2024. Within a program, trained PE consultants work with individual therapists to ensure that PE is consistently delivered to meet standards for quality, efficacy, and model-adherence. Consultants may help therapists consider appropriate adjustments to tailor PE to meet individual patient needs, working within program guidelines.

Increasing the number of staff trained in PE as supervisors (i.e. therapists) and consultants allows Skyland Trail to treat adolescent patients with a history of trauma and more complex treatment needs. Adolescent patients benefit from a primary psychiatric residential treatment program that can comprehensively address trauma-related disorders and mood and anxiety disorders and symptoms. Specialized programming also supports teens with emerging borderline personality disorder traits and/or mild to moderate substance use.