Expanded J. Rex Fuqua Campus for Adolescents

Thanks to generous community support, Skyland Trail purchased a 1.99-acre property adjacent to the J. Rex Fuqua Campus for adolescents in 2021. Work to convert the undeveloped property into additional parking for the campus as well as new outdoor recreational and expressive therapy space for adolescent clients was completed in 2022.

The new space includes 68 additional parking spaces, outdoor fitness equipment, an outdoor performance stage, outdoor tables for groups and activities, and trails.

“We are excited to use the new space for healthy challenge, teambuilding, behavioral activation, and horticultural therapy,” says Laney Edwards, CTRS, adolescent adjunctive therapies coordinator. “The new recreational therapy space will allow us to be outside more and create different experiences for our clients.”

outdoor recreation area at the Skyland Trail J. Rex Fuqua Campus for adolescents. Residential psychiatric mental health treatment facility in Atlanta, Georgia.
Outdoor fitness equipment and recreation area at the J. Rex Fuqua Campus for adolescents.

Fitness equipment installed includes:

  • Push-up/Invert Bars: Great for building muscle strength as it targets the arms, back, and core
  • Balance Beam: The traditional balance beam provides a true balance activity as the user must carefully walk foot over foot the entire length of the beam. There are many opportunities for advanced exercises such as balancing on one leg or jumping back and forth over the beam.
  • Parallel Bars: Versatile and scalable in exercises from complete off-ground training or ability to regress exercises with feet down