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Nicotine-Free Campus Policy Announced

Effective November 15, 2018, Skyland Trail is a 100 percent smoke- and nicotine-free campus. Helping patients quit smoking or vaping is a critical component of promoting long-term health, preventing chronic disease, and ensuring the medications and interventions for psychiatric health are effective.

November 15, 2018,  was selected as the launch of the Nicotine-Free Campus policy to coincide with the national Great American Smokeout movement organized by the American Cancer Society.

Skyland Trail supports an environment where employees, patients, visitors, partners, and vendors are not exposed to the harmful effects of direct tobacco use or secondhand smoke and are supported in efforts to live nicotine- and tobacco-free. The Nicotine-Free Campus policy prohibits all smoking, vaping and the use of all tobacco and nicotine products, except those approved for use in smoking cessation strategies.

Clients admitting to the psychiatric residential treatment program do not need to be non-smokers, but they must be willing to stop using tobacco or nicotine while in treatment. If clinically indicated, clients are enrolled in the nicotine cessation program as part of their treatment. Clients receive support to quit using nicotine products, including peer support, education, and mindfulness groups; educational materials; support to obtain and use nicotine replacement products; and prescriptions for medications as indicated. Clients in day treatment, intensive outpatient, and outpatient programs may not use tobacco or nicotine products while on campus.

Ensuring healthy futures means helping clients become nicotine free. The most common causes of death among people with mental illness are heart disease, cancer, and lung disease, which can all be caused by smoking. In addition, many studies link nicotine and tobacco use with increased risk for addiction and mental health symptoms.

Nicotine cessation is part of the integrated health model at Skyland Trail. A multidisciplinary expert treatment team and whole person therapeutic approach ensures that clients have the education, treatment and care they need to heal, recover, and thrive.

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