Skyland Trail Adds Resource Navigator as a Resource for Families

Skyland Trail, a nonprofit mental health treatment organization in Atlanta, recently added a Resource Navigator to the adult clinical treatment team. The position was added to provide additional assistance to families after their loved one has completed their treatment at Skyland Trail.

The Skyland Trail Resource Navigator conducts follow-up check-ins with graduated clients and their families approximately two weeks after discharge. And alumni clients and families may contact the Resource Navigator at any time.

The Resource Navigator will help troubleshoot challenges that are common when transitioning from an intensive treatment program like Skyland Trail back to independent living. Those challenges may include:

  • Connecting with mental health providers in the community
  • Identifying appropriate supportive housing or recovery residences
  • Finding social engagement or peer-support communities
  • Exploring options for continuing family therapy and support

Skyland Trail alumni families may contact the Resource Navigator at