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Skyland Trail Associates Announce 2022 Leadership

ATLANTA – Skyland Trail, a nationally recognized mental health treatment organization for adults ages 18 and older and teens ages 14 to 17, is pleased to announce Cat Lindauer and Scottie Schoen as the 2022 Skyland Trail Associates President and Vice President respectively. Lindauer previously served as Vice President in 2021 alongside outgoing President Anne Marino.

“Several years ago, a dear friend invited me to the Skyland Trail Associates Luncheon and opened my eyes for the first time to this wonderful place,” says Lindauer. “Since then, I have been to both campuses, volunteered at several functions, and felt led to step up to the next level of leadership. I believe the Associates can continue to spread the word in the community regarding all possibilities at Skyland Trail.”

Skyland Trail Associates play an integral role in accomplishing Skyland Trail’s mission. These women leaders serve as ambassadors for Skyland Trail in their communities by working to erase the stigma associated with mental illness. Associates meet throughout the year to learn about the latest news and advancements in mental health from Skyland Trail experts.

Additionally, Associates are a valuable volunteer group, donating time to the Skyland Trail horticultural, art, music, and recreational therapy programs. They help clients feel welcome at Skyland Trail by assembling welcome bags and decorating the campus for holidays. Each spring, Associates organize a luncheon to raise funds for an area of need at Skyland Trail; the luncheon includes a keynote speaker and a fashion show.

“I believe the biggest social problem we face as a community today is mental health,” says Schoen. “When triggered by biology, stress, or both, mental illness can cause someone’s life to go in a negative direction. Mental illness is a real medical problem and won’t go away without being addressed. Support comes with understanding.”

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