Skyland Trail Dedicates South Residential Facility

ATLANTA — Skyland Trail recently dedicated its South Residential Facility with an interior renovation and a new entry garden in the front of the facility, which was named in honor of longtime Skyland Trail supporter Betty Ann Inman.

The updated interior of the residence was designed by Cindy Chase and includes upgrades to the dining hall, workout facility, the common area, and each individual bedroom.  The new entry garden was donated by John Zellars in honor of Betty Ann Inman and includes a sitting area for clients.  The renovations were unveiled during a celebration of Skyland Trail staff, clients, board members and friends on October 23.

Skyland Trail President Beth Finnerty said the renovations, in addition to the facility’s new one-acre ‘Legacy Garden’ – donated earlier in 2009 by the Southeastern Horticultural Society – have given Skyland Trail’s clients an even more pleasing place to call home as they seek to manage mental illness.

“We are so grateful to the Atlanta Community for helping to make Skyland Trail South such a beautiful place,” she said.  “Our clients deserve a place where they can relax and find peace of mind, and with these recent additions there are few facilities like this anywhere.”