Amy Rollins Kreisler

Empowering Young Adults

Amy Rollins Kreisler is a member of the board of directors and financial aid committee. As chair of the O. Wayne Rollins Foundation, she provided a $3.5 million grant that was instrumental in launching the campaign for a young adult campus.

amy rollins kreisler donor testimonial

How does Skyland Trail change futures?

For many clients  – particularly young adults – Skyland Trail helps them realize that they have a future. Skyland Trail opens doors that once seemed close, and introduces opportunities that clients may never have felt capable of pursuing. Clients who engage in the program learn tools that will help them throughout the rest of their lives.

Why are you an advocate for mental health and Skyland Trail?

When you see what a difference Skyland Trail can make in someone’s life, you become passionate about being a part of a community working to support and empower people struggling with mental illness. The more you’re aware of the role mental health plays in so many problems, the more you want to make a difference and do what you can.

How will the planned expansion improve the capacity to change futures?

The new young adult campus and program will be a jewel in the crown that is Skyland Trail. It will make a huge impact in Atlanta and the Southeast, where there are few options for this age group and this type of recovery-focused treatment. The specialized campus and programming will put Skyland Trail on the forefront of treating young adults with mental illness, which is becoming nationally recognized as a critical need.