Denise and Jay D. Mitchell

Great Work in Perpetuity

“I included Skyland Trail in my estate plans because it is such a worthwhile organization, and I want to ensure that it can continue doing great work in perpetuity.

Denise and Jay Mitchell

Having an estate plan allows us to prioritize our philanthropic commitments. It also sets a good example for our children by showing them the kind of dedication we hope they will demonstrate in the future.

When you make a planned gift to a nonprofit you admire, there is great peace and satisfaction in knowing you’ve become part of that organization’s history – that your gift will help ensure that the organization will be there for generations to come.

Our legacy will serve as the organization’s deep roots, from which new branches can grow. I hope we can continue to reach more and more clients across greater geography, impacting the lives of individuals and their families who will look back and thank us for investing in their future.”

Jay D. Mitchell