Don Inman

We believe in the mission of Skyland Trail.

Don and Beth Inman

What inspires you to renew your support each year?    

The Inman family really believes in the mission of Skyland Trail.  The times I have heard Skyland Trail clients tell their stories, whether at Benefits of Laughter or during a board meeting, I am in awe that they can make themselves so vulnerable when describing the many ways Skyland has given them hope.  Those are the moments where you can really understand the difference we are making. 

How has your committee work influenced your vision for Skyland Trail’s future?  

Serving on the Buildings & Grounds Committee is very rewarding.  Knowing that next summer we will open the doors to the new young adult campus where we can  serve the fastest growing and most vulnerable age group as it relates to mental illness is very exciting. 

If you had to describe Skyland Trail in just 5 words? 

Healing the broken. Giving hope.