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Strengthening Communities

“Promoting and supporting employee wellbeing is part of GPC’s company culture. We provide programs to our associates that focus on every aspect of total wellbeing, including mental health and emotional wellbeing, which is particularly important in these challenging times. We understand that this support makes a real difference in our employees’ lives and makes us a stronger business.

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Also part of our culture is our desire to be responsible corporate citizens, making a positive contribution to the communities around us. That’s why we sponsor an important community facility like Skyland Trail. Skyland Trail’s focus on mental wellness aligns with our values and mission—to help make a positive difference in people’s lives and strengthen the communities where our employees and neighbors live.”

Will Stengel
President, Genuine Parts Company

Genuine Parts Company was a platinum sponsor of Benefits of Laughter 2020

As published in the 2020 Annual Report