Jackie and Tony Montag

A Critical Organization for Our Community

We have been involved with Skyland Trail for many years. Every interaction, from attending fundraising and educational events, to participating in financial aid committee meetings, to volunteering with clients, reaffirms for us three things:

  1. Skyland Trail is a critical organization for our community. The treatment program saves lives and helps people get back to living productive lives in their communities.
  2. The need for effective mental health treatment is significant and growing.
  3. Skyland Trail is a superbly run organization. The excellence and dedication exhibited by staff and board members ensures a solid foundation and future for Skyland Trail and the families they serve.

Skyland Trail fits into our philanthropic strategy because it fits into the needs of the population. We support Skyland Trail through annual giving and, as part of the Cypress Society, have included the organization in our planned giving strategy.

Jackie and Tony Montag include Skyland Trail in their annual giving and planned giving

“We believe in what Skyland Trail does. And they are doing it in the appropriate way for our times and for the future.”

We are especially excited about the upcoming opening of the adolescent program. The need for adolescent treatment services has been growing over the last 10 years. It is so exciting that Skyland Trail is going to help meet that need! The earlier young people can get help, the healthier lives they’ll lead.

We believe in what Skyland Trail does. And they are doing it in the appropriate way for our times and for the future. The impact of Skyland Trail reaches beyond Atlanta and Georgia. We have heard so many stories of people who were treated with dignity and respect and who learned how to live more comfortably in the world. We have a number of friends with college-age children who received treatment at Skyland Trail. Their gratitude for Skyland Trail has made quite an impression.

We’ve been pleased that our children and even our grandchildren also see the importance of ensuring Skyland Trail remains a place of refuge for people and families in our community who are struggling. They’ve also included Skyland Trail in their charitable giving and volunteer efforts, and that’s really rewarding to see.

We have to plan for the future. We have to look ahead. The needs are only going to grow, especially needs for financial aid. We hope our support through the Cypress Society will help to maintain the level of quality and excellence we see consistently from Skyland Trail and will help the organization continue to be on the cutting edge of mental health treatment.