Jane and Clay Jackson

Mental Health Affects All of Us

jane and clay jackson

Mental health affects all of us, including our family and friends. As a national leader in mental health care, Skyland Tail is a major asset for our city, and we see including Skyland Trail in our charitable giving as an important investment in the health for our community.

Skyland Trail literally saves lives. Over several years of support, we have seen how the organization gives hope to families. We have also watched Skyland Trail take great strides forward to meet changing needs and demands. The team at Skyland Trail, from leadership to clinical staff, is transformational and committed, and second to none in our opinion. They have certainly earned our trust.

While the success of the recent capital campaign signals a real change in the community’s investment in mental health, we recognize that stigma still impacts the relative size of the Skyland Trail donor base. The future of Skyland Trail still depends on the generosity of families and organizations in our community.

We are excited about what lies ahead for Skyland Trail, and look forward to being a part of shaping the future for such an important organization that helps so many.